I'm Sorry

I'm Logan. I'm 19 and a photographer. I like pretty flowers, skulls, and art.
I'm awkward as fuck.






babydoll garters ♡

Holy shit!! 😱


fun fact this happened
Anonymous said: You really have to be careful who you put yourself out there for. In today's world, people just aren't that trustworthy. When someone is "blackmailing" you, they're asking for something. What is he asking you for?

Yeah I know I don’t really care if he posts it or not cause my face isn’t in the shot so yeah but I know I have to be careful thanks for caring. He wants to FaceTime with me again like do the whole thing again but I don’t want to so yeah

Anonymous said: Who the fuck is blackmailing you and how did he get a pic of you? What kind of pic are we talking about? is it a nude?

We were face timing and I guess he screenshotted it.. But hey at least my boob looks big-ish ha

Anonymous said: Holy fuck! I would sooooooooo love to "accidentally" get you pregnant. Just the thought of me and you making love and something as wonderful as a baby coming from that is so beautiful it's almost overwhelming.

Babies are cute, I like babies. Sex is fun, I like sex